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State Rep. Jon Santiago and WeLoveU Volunteers Lead Cleanup Efforts on The Corridor


On August 7th State Representative Jon Santiago and Franco Campanello, President of the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy partnered with the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation to clean up and beautify The Corridor.  The team of 30 WeLoveU Volunteers pulled weeds, mulched flower beds, picked up litter, and even planted a tree.  The Volunteers gathered at 9 a.m. before the heat wave temperatures reached close to 100 degrees.  In total 15 bags of trash and 11 bags of garden refuse totaling 2500 lbs were collected.


“You’re improving the lives for so many young families and seniors that love coming to this park,” expressed Mr. Campanello as he congratulated the volunteers and gave his closing remarks. “Thank you, everybody, for this tremendous work and for being out here on this extremely hot day.”

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